Why should you choose Eurazio Center?

Custom-made machines

Custom-made machines and custom machine alteration

Are your needs too specific and none of our standard CNC machines fits them? No problem. We offer both basic custom CNC machine alterations, as well as whole custom-made machines or upgrade of older machines.

Contact us and we’ll find a way to meet your needs.

CNC machine alterations

Do you need a simple machine alteration? We can make that happen in our shop, without delay. Basic alterations can include, for example:

  • laser tube exchange
  • swapping power source and cooling system with more efficient type
  • interchanging spindle in milling machine for better type
  • swapping control electronics
  • installation of limit witches and material sensors

The more advanced alterations may be done on demand, depending on whether the required components are in our stock - if they’re not, the process may take up to 2 or 3 weeks.

Custom-made CNC machines

We can also make on-demand custom-made machines, while discussing every detail of the process with our customers:

  • we define entry point, type, size and properties of the processed material, as well as the way the material goes through the machine and the exact descriptions of functions
  • we pick the most suitable technology
  • we design mechanical construction and control system
  • then the machine is manufactured by our trusted supplïers.

We have designed, for example, a machine for engraving large mirrors, or rotational facility for marking of wooden barrels. We’ll be more than happy to design and manufacture a custom machine for you and your company.

Production of components to CNC machines

With us, you can use your CNC machines to their fullest - we’ll design and manufacture components for you. The most commonly made are collation forms for marking lasers, specialized material feeders, but we can provide expansion of cooling systems as well.

Upgrades and reconstructions of CNC machines

Do you own an older model of CO2 laser or cnc milling machine? We can provide you with reconstruction of your older machines, doesn’t matter from which supplier you bought it, to a more modern and efficient control system.

We are prepared to meet your every need. If you want an individual session, contact Petr Tůma, who oversees custom-made manufacturing, and together we will find the best solution.