Why should you choose Eurazio Center?

Largest showroom in Europe

International project EURAZIO in Modletice near Prague becomes the central showroom of chinese lasers for the whole Europe. Our czech company gained this prestige not only thanks to increasing number of sales, but thanks to technical background and expertise of our employees, too. In 4ISP, we have our own office in China and a team of experienced technicians. They oversee every machine to arrive in pristine condition.

Our FIT Eurazio employees also take part in innovation and development with our suppliers. Due to this fact, we are capable of providing solutions for both small and big companies, no matter if they process metal or non-metal materials. FIT Eurazio’s biggest advantage lies in customer-oriented service. This means we’re capable of letting our customers test our machines in various ways, be it in our showroom or at their own place of business with our borrowed machine.

The service of purchased machines is automatic. Superior service includes complex care of the customer - from helping them choose the right technical solutions, to aid in financing, shipping, to machine installation, connecting to power supply and technical gas outlets, to training of machine operators and signing the handover protocol. The vast project called EURAZIO is a sales showroom stocked with well over fifty fiber lasers, CO2 lasers, milling machines and other CNC machines. Customers can test our machines with their own materials, so that they can find the best machine to suit the needs of their company.

EURAZIO will offer the most recent technological innovations, such as HSG  lasers that include power sources such as Raycus, JPT, IPG, HighYag and Precitec heads, and so much more. The selections includes the smallest, as well as the most powerful machines with extraordinary precision and cutting speed. 4ISP is also getting ready to work with american company Autodesk in conjunction with chinese company HSG. This collaboration will result in saving of expenses, as well as increased effectivity of processing of metal sheets and profiles, while connecting already existing systems in all companies involved.

EURAZIO is here for you. Come and get inspired, you are welcome here.

FIT Eurazio team

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