Raycus European Service Center


Our company has become an official dealer and service center of Raycus fiber laser sources. Now we offer:

  • Sources 500 - 3300 W in stock
  • Power sources up to 12 kW per order
  • Basic warranty 2 years, contractual warranty up to 5 years
  • Cutting and welding lasers

The standard steel thickness for cutting is 0.2 - 50 mm. We have custom sources for cutting up to 80 mm. It is also possible to cut 90mm steel, but we recommend waiting for 15 kW power source, which ensures a stable cut to 120 mm. We have a range of samples available and we perform standard testing up to 3300 W, larger ones individually by appointment.

Service background - we do not only test the actual functionality of the source, but if necessary, we send an application engineer that solves not only the source itself, but also the way of its management within the whole machine or production unit. If necessary, we will provide a spare source during the repair.
For more information about Raycus resources or their service,
call: 774 833 554 or write to: pavel.kopejtka@eurazio.eu.


For more information, a non-binding consultation or a tour of the machine, contact our specialist.

Pavel Kopejtka