Production lines

Automatická výrobní linka

1) Complete solution of new custom production line

a. It is necessary to specify the most exact specification of the solution sought for determining the main components
b. We will prepare a preliminary appraisal and estimate the time required to develop the basic block visualization and eventually we recommend the modification of the components
c. Signing the delivery contract
d. Pay of deposit for line design
e. Processing of the 3D machine model and traffic simulation
f. Reconciliation of the model and functionality
g. Processing of production costs
h. Pay of production deposit
i.  Výroba linky
j. Demonstration and take-over of the finished line directly at the manufacturer in China (if required)
k. Payment of the second part of the deposit for production
l. Transport and line installation at the customers place
m. Trial operation, 2 - 4 weeks
n. Payment of the remaining amount

2) Incorporating the laser into an existing production line

a. Visiting a customer and analyzing the current situation
b. Summary of scheduled line status: in which parts it will change, how it is controlled, determination of mechanical, electrical and programmatic aspects
c. Design a solution, a list of required components, and the design cost
d. Payment of deposit for solution processing
e. Detailed processing of the solution
f. Reconciliation and signing of the contract
g. Payment of the deposit for component production
h. Transport and installation of components (need to disable existing line)
i. Testing 2 - 4 weeks
j. Payment of the remaining amount

Customization of machines, ie robotic insertion of the material/part

a. The best description of what to place where to place
b. Payment of the deposit
c. Designing a proposal
d. Reconciliation of the solution
e. Contract signature
f. Payment of the deposit for production and delivery of the main machine
g. Preparation of solutions
h. The solution (depending on size) or the customer with us
i. Delivery and installation
j. Zkušební provoz
k. Payment of the remaining amount
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