Grinding and polishing

Deburring Machine with a Polisher with an Input Width of 800 mm

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  • Catalogue numberZDM-800BR
  • Working width800 mm
  • Speed range1 – 8 m/min
  • Number of processing degrees2

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A two-stage grinding machine for deburring and surface treatment of metal products, which allows grinding materials even without any infringement to the protective film. The machine is delivered with a vacuum clamping system and, of course, with a dust hood.

The two-stage grinding machine for deburring and surface treatment of a wide range of metal products. The first stage of the grinding machine consists of an abrasion belt, which moves in the direction of material feed in the machine, thus creating thin hairlines in one direction (ground stainless steel). The second stage of processing consists in rotary brushes, working in two senses of rotation. These brushes are intended for machining material edges, without disturbing the surface. This special function allows the machining of materials covered in a protective film. The deliveries without removing the protective film within the production process are required by almost every customer using a stainless cut shape as a visible part of their products. The response to these requirements are the BR-type milling machines. As with the other products manufactured by the company Shinetek, it is possible to use individual stages individually, and the precise setting is ensured by the high-quality electronics by Siemens. As the name suggests, the grinder comes in two widths - 800 and 1,300 mm. With regard to the rotational machining, increased demands have been placed on material clamping in the area of feeder, which - as far as this type is concerned - has been equipped with a vacuum clamping system. The machine to ensure cleanliness of the workplace comes with a dust hood.

  • Machine size3200x1880x2400 mm
  • Working width 800 mm
  • Max elevation height 100 mm
  • Speed range 1 – 8 m/min
  • Number of processing degrees2
  • Working temperature 15 - 40 °C
  • Driver typeSiemens
  • Processing methods1. Sharp-edge chamfering and deburring of inner and outer edges without any effect on the product surface.2. Based on the coarseness of the abrasion belts, the product surface treatment.

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