Grinding and polishing

Surface grinder and polisher with the inlet for material of up to 1400mm wide

  • Catalogue numberZDM-1400US
  • Working width1400 mm
  • Speed range0,8 – 6 m/min
  • Number of processing degrees2

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Surface grinder and polisher with a working width of 1400mm and a product height of up to 100mm with two processing steps. Products with a protective film can also be processed. We are able to deliver the device in a design with a different size of the inlet for bigger products or only in a...

When dividing material by a laser beam it is possible to create a high quality cutting edge far surpassing e.g. the output of a plasma burner. At the first glance it might seem that a subsequent processing of fissures is no longer needed. However, that is only partially true. For instance cutting stainless steel and non-ferrous metals with power at the upper limits of a given source for these materials those are no longer burned but slightly molten and the melt gets pressed by the assist gas bellow that material. A small portion gets evaporated. The melt may form a fine iron scale at the bottom of the cut which could be found by a touch of a nail or a fingertip. Though, with a sufficient power supply it is possible to create a technologically perfect edge without any formations on the underside. Such edge is usually very sharp which might be an obstacle for further processing. The solution for both problems is a surface polisher and grinder. Depending on the selection of abrasives used it allows the creation of a desired surface structure that could have the result of wrought stainless steel or completely smooth. This machine works on a very simple principle. There is a belt feeder in the front section that is 1000 mm wide but can be adjusted according to the customer’s requirements. The belt itself has a specifically designed gripping surface and could be equipped with a vacuum suction system to ensure no movements especially of smaller products. The conveyor belt transports a workpiece to the first processing stage where sharp edges and the above mentioned iron scales are removed. This process is carried out by brushes rotating in several directions. A special rotation mechanism ensures machining of all outer as well as inner edges of a product though its surface remains intact. This property is intended for materials protected by a foil or coating and such materials can only pass the first stage of the processing to keep the surface film. The second stage is performed by abrasive belts vertically mounted on a rotating belt. The roughness of the elements that are used here affects the final surface appearance. The entire grinding process is extremely dusty and the metal dust must be continually removed by compressed air and pumped out of the machine. An extraordinary powerful filtration unit designed specifically for the purpose is thus connected to the output to guarantee clean and safe working environment. The mentioned configuration is for illustration and we are certainly able to supply a device with an inlet of a different size for larger products. A one-stage version could also be produced according to the customer’s specifications. A full range of all available dimensions is available upon request.

  • Machine size2900x1980x1800 mm
  • Working width 1400 mm
  • Max elevation height 100 mm
  • Speed range 0,8 – 6 m/min
  • Number of processing degrees2
  • Working temperature 15 - 40 °C
  • Processing methods1. sražení ostrých hran a odstranění okujů vnitřních i vnějšíh hran bez vlivu na povrch výrobku2. dle hrubosti brusných pásů úprava povrchu výrobku

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