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Covered milling machine 400 x 300 mm

  • Catalogue numberRCT-F4030-1500
  • Spindle power1500 W
  • Working area400x300 mm
  • Material coolingAir / emulsion
  • Tool exchange

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The machine control is in the standard configuration equipped with a common LPT compatible interface with a...

Designed to process hard materials

- Circulating emulsion cooling
- Inductive switches on all axes
- Precisely mounted 1500 W spindle
- Speed up to 24,000 rpm

The machine control is in the standard configuration equipped with a common LPT compatible interface with a Mach 3 software. It could be supplied with a USB converter (IT-UC100) that allows Mach 3 to be used on any PC running Windows. Another control option is the Planet-CNC Mk. III/IV control board. Professional users will probably choose a DSP controller for off-line control without the need for a PC. The inverter for spindle speed control is installed with step motors in the machine's rack. The movement of all three axes is ensured by precise TBI ball screws and linear guidance through the two HLH-20 rails by PMI. Thanks to this combination this machine achieves in its class exceptional positioning accuracy of 0.03 mm. The workbench is a one-piece 300 x 400 mm with standard T-grooves for material mounting. The Z axis lift-up is 90 mm and the maximum height of a material could be 120 mm.

  • Tool sensor
  • Included rotational axis
  • Spindle power1500 W
  • Min spindle rotational speed3000 rpm
  • Max spindle rotational speed24000 rpm
  • Number of axes3
  • Cover
  • Spindle exchange
  • Working temperature15 - 40 °C
  • Working area400x300 mm
  • Axis Z90
  • Spring collet chuckER-16
  • Spindle coolingCooling liquid
  • Material coolingAir / emulsion
  • Linear rail XYLinear guides
  • Linear rail ZLinear guides
  • Driver descriptionMACH3 (v dodávce demo)
  • Accessories
    CW-3000 cooler Catalogue number: CW-3000
    Machine size: 270x380x490 mm
    Weight: 12 kg
    Volume of vessel: 9
    Max. flow rate: 10 m3/h
    Max. stroke: 10
    Power source: 230 V
    Description:Suitable for cooling up to 80W CO2 laser tube or 3kW spindle milling machine.
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  • Optional accessories

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