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Three-axis gantry milling machine with fixed table, vibration cutter and camera

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  • Catalogue numberRCT-AW2513F-OK
  • Spindle power9000 W
  • Working area2500x1300 mm
  • Material coolingAir / spray
  • Tool exchange

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This is the top model of 9000W series. The machine combines a classical gantry milling machine with a camera system, a vibration cutter and a high-speed spindle. The machine achieves top parameters in machining non-metallic materials and non-ferrous metals for example for promotional production.

The basic size of the table is 2.5 x 1.3 m, it is a construction with a fixed portal and a sliding table. Thanks to the chosen construction, the machine excels in great rigidity, which brings the possibility of using more powerful drive components. The control system of the Syntec 6MA machine can be replaced by a system from the German manufacturer Siemens, namely Sinumeric 808D. As standard, a Hiteco spindle with 9.5 kW is mounted here, if the spindle power is not sufficient, we offer an alternative in the form of an HSD spindle with 12 kW, of course, the tool is changed to 4, 8 or 12 positions. To clamp the material, a sector vacuum table can be used in combination with t-slots around the perimeter of the table.

The machine combines a classic portal construction with a camera system, a vibrating knife and a high-speed spindle. The machine achieves top parameters in the machining of non-metallic materials, eg with the use for the production of advertising.

Frequent use of the milling machine is also for cutting from boards - in this case, the milling machine is equipped with an oscillating knife (saw) instead of a milling cutter (drill). Oscillating knives are ideal for PVC boards, oscillating knives, cartons, carpet or thicker textiles. The advantage is that no sawdust is formed and the work is significantly faster than when using a cutter.

To simplify and make production more precise, it is also possible to use cameras for reading cut / trim marks. This system is used to precisely approach the zero points and set the material in the software for precise cutting of predetermined objects - simply, the camera will make sure that the machine starts machining from the right place and there is no error due to placing the board in an inaccurate position.

  • Machine size3150x2100x1800 mm
  • PropertiesNC Studio
    CCD camera
    Oscillating Knife of German BFT & GSB
    Toothed Ridges of Aptex
    X / Z Yaskawa 1.3kW
    Y Yaskawa 850W
    Delta 11kW intertor
    HPM Vacuum Table
  • Tool sensor
  • Included rotational axis
  • Spindle power 9000 W
  • Max spindle rotational speed 24000 rpm
  • Cover
  • Number of tool positions8
  • Spindle exchange
  • Working temperature 15 - 40 °C
  • Working area 2500x1300 mm
  • Axis Z200
  • Tool container typeLinear
  • Driving force transferToothed combs
  • DriveServo motors
  • Spindle coolingAir
  • Material coolingAir / spray
  • Drive typeSyntec 6MA
  • Linear rail XYLinear guides PMI
  • Linear rail ZBall screws
  • Accessories
    CW-5300 Catalogue number: CW-5300I
    Machine size: 380x740x530 mm
    Weight: 44 kg
    Compressor power: 0.82 HP
    Compressor power: 0.615 kW
    Cooling output: 6274 Btu/h
    Cooling output: 1586 kcal/h
    Cooling output: 1.84 kW
    Precision: ±0.3
    Volume of vessel: 10
    Max. flow rate: 16 l/min.
    In/Out: 1/2"
    Max. stroke: 25
    Power source: 230 V

    Suitable for CO2 metal RF laser sources up to 100W.

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