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3-axis gantry milling machine with a fixed worktable

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LD-5000 Newly CNC router machine
  • Catalogue numberRCT-2513-6000W
  • Spindle power6000 W
  • Working area2500x1300 mm
  • Material coolingAir / spray
  • Tool exchange

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Another new release, a classic portal construction machine for machining plastics, wood, composite...

Another new release, a classic portal construction machine for machining plastics, wood, composite materials and non-ferrous meral sheet material. The machine has the option of clamping on a table with T-grooves, vacuum suction and also the option of choosing the type of tool change. Its construction has undergone a number of improvements to achieve better machining quality, simple operation and high machine performance.

  • Machine size3150x2100x1800 mm
  • PropertiesFuling invertor 7,5kW 16,5kW output Max. speed 500 mm/sec G-code support 5,5 kW air cooled vacuum pump Hiteco spindle Yaskawa servomotors
  • Tool sensor
  • Included rotational axis
  • Spindle power6000 W
  • Max spindle rotational speed24000 rpm
  • Cover
  • Spindle exchange
  • Working temperature5 - 40 °C
  • Working area2500x1300 mm
  • Axis Z200
  • Optional workspace3000x1500x200 mm
  • Optional workspace3000x2000x200 mm
  • Optional workspace4000x2000x200 mm
  • Optional workspace1300x1000x200 mm
  • Spring collet chuckNBT
  • Positional accuracy0.05 mm
  • Driving force transferToothed combs
  • DriveServo motors
  • Spindle coolingAir
  • Material coolingAir / spray
  • Linear rail XYHIWIN
  • Linear rail ZHIWIN
  • Driver descriptionSyntec
  • Optional accessoriesWorktable 3000x1500x200, 3000x2000x200, 4000x2000x200mm or 1300x1000x200mm without ATC ATC 4 with a Chinese spindle Z axes 300mm Syntec control system Vacuum pump Becker Vacuum pump Tongyou Industrial exhaust fan Chip extractor Italian spindle HSD 12kW Chinese spindle HQD 6kW or 4,5kW
  • Optional accessories

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