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Marking laser with large workspace of 600 x 600 or 1200 x 1200mm

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  • Catalogue numberRCFB-3D large
  • Standard working area600x600 mm

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Fiber marking laser with a 3D work head is designed to handle large workpieces. This price is for a 30W...

Fiber marking laser with a 3D work head is designed to handle large workpieces. This price is for a 30W laser with a JPT fiber source and a 600 x 600mm working area, extendible to 1200 x 1200mm and the power output of 30/60/100W. Upon request we could offer machines with higher power output and larger work area. The laser is designed for fast and accurate labeling of metallic materials in particular. However, you can also mark selected plastics, stone and others.

This fiber laser has an extraordinary range of application in the field of ferrous as well as non-ferrous metals, hard plastics and many other materials. Fiber laser marking is extremely fast and delicate. The width of the marking line ranges from 0.02 - 0.05 mm according to the working surface used and its speed normally reaches up to several meters per second. Nevertheless, we recommend that you consult with our specialists and, if necessary, test your material in our showrooms before purchasing the machine.

3D laser marker
In the past years, our lasers have been designed to mark flats in the advertising and manufacturing industries. Using the rotary axis, only regular rotation objects could be marked. However, there was always the same distance between the optical assembly and the tagged object. The new 3D marking galvanometer head changes.
How does it work?
The common galvanometer contains a pair of mirrors that by their motion control the direction and speed of the focused laser beam on a flat surface. In the 3D marking head, this pair is complemented by a sliding lens that can vary the range of the whole system to a certain extent, and hence the optimum distance between the machine head and the object. This makes it possible to mark three-dimensional objects. Everything is complemented by intuitive software for easy setup.
Labeling 3D objects is not the only change that 3D head makes to the marker machine. In the past, it has been very costly to provide the machine with a larger work area than 300 x 300 mm, thanks to the very difficult to manufacture a corresponding F-Theta lens that is required for machine operation. The 3D head, however, allows a continuous change of focusing distance, and therefore an easy construction of machines with a larger work surface. Thanks to the new lens we are now able to offer you a marking machine with a surface up to 1200 x 1200 mm.

  • Machine size745x530x430 mm
  • PropertiesOptional MiniPC Work area optionally up to 1200 x 1200 mm
  • Linear table1
  • AutofocusOptionally
  • Galvo scannerScanlab
  • Standard working area600x600 mm
  • 3D working spread2D
  • Working temperature15 - 40 °C
  • Optional workspace1200x1200 mm
  • Optional workspace150x150 mm
  • Work type2D
  • Software3D Laser
  • Source
  • Accessories
  • Optional accessories
    linear table Catalogue number: OF3-AS-30-LIN

    rotary Catalogue number: RCFB-ROT

    562H.00.00.200_UL2004-bl-a Catalogue number: UNI-200
    Description:Light blue goggles fitted with glass lenses with a special filter to prevent any damage to eyes from reflected laser beam. A case is included. VLT 70%. Protection level: DIR LB6 @ 1080 nm (+ DI LB4 @ 10600nm). Further protection: 190-260nm: D LB8 IR LB4 815-1400nm: DIR LB3 850-1400nm DIR LB4 890-1400nm: DIR LB5 930-1400nm: D LB6 IR LB7 1400-3000nm: DI LN4

    pedal Catalogue number: ZNL-NP

    Disk Rotation 2 Catalogue number: ZNL-OS

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