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2D Laser Engraving Machine 20W to 60W, benchtop design

  • Catalogue numberRCFB-2D desktop
  • Standard working area100x100 mm

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The benchtop design of the fibre laser marker with a 2D working head. The laser is intended to mark mainly...

The benchtop design of the fibre laser marker with a 2D working head. The laser is intended to mark mainly metal materials quickly and precisely. However, it also allows to mark selected plastics, stone and other materials in the work areas of 100 x 100, 200 x 200 or 300 x 300 mm.
We can provide you with the offer of a machine with a higher performance and work area on demand.

The fibre laser has an extremely wide range of application in the area of marking both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, hard plastics and many other materials. Marking with the fibre laser is extremely quick and smooth. The marking line width ranges between 0.02 and 0.05 mm, depending on the work area used. The normal marking speed reaches up to several meters per second. We recommend you that you consult our professionals before the purchase of the machine and test the material you use in our showrooms.


Most machines can be equipped with a system of automatic maintenance of the precise optical distance between the machine head and the product to be marked. This is provided for an additional fee. This patented system speeds up your work significantly if you mark smaller series or individual items. The function is switched on by one button, directly from the machine control panel and its operation is fully automatic.

Rotating adapter
To mark rotating, for example cylindrical objects easily, the machine can be equipped with an automatically-driven motor rotating adapter. Using the rotating adapter, marking glasses, tubes or any similar objects is possible around their circumference.

Covering the workplace
It is a good idea to supply the entire workplace as fully covered in some industrial plants. We will be happy to provide you with the corresponding offer.

  • Machine size120x350x265 mm
  • PropertiesRepeated accuracy +0.03 mm.
  • Linear table1
  • AutofocusOptionally
  • Galvo scannerScanlab
  • Standard working area100x100 mm
  • 3D working spread2D
  • Working temperature15 - 40 °C
  • Optional workspace200x200 mm
  • Optional workspace300x300 mm
  • Work type2D
  • Software3D Laser
  • Source
  • Accessories
  • Optional accessories
    linear table Catalogue number: OF3-AS-30-LIN

    rotary Catalogue number: RCFB-ROT

    562H.00.00.200_UL2004-bl-a Catalogue number: UNI-200
    Description:Light blue goggles fitted with glass lenses with a special filter to prevent any damage to eyes from reflected laser beam. A case is included. VLT 70%. Protection level: DIR LB6 @ 1080 nm (+ DI LB4 @ 10600nm). Further protection: 190-260nm: D LB8 IR LB4 815-1400nm: DIR LB3 850-1400nm DIR LB4 890-1400nm: DIR LB5 930-1400nm: D LB6 IR LB7 1400-3000nm: DI LN4

    pedal Catalogue number: ZNL-NP

    Disk Rotation 2 Catalogue number: ZNL-OS

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