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Covered Laser Marker 20 W

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  • Catalogue numberRC-CMLR30-100
  • Standard working area100x100 mm

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The new-generation covered marking fibre laser with a work area of 100 x 100 mm. For fast, precise and...

The new-generation covered marking fibre laser with a work area of 100 x 100 mm. For fast, precise and unrecoverable labelling and marking of steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.

A new type of marking fibre laser with a cover. The safety cover works as protection against a reflected beam and, at the same time, it protects the machine from any dust. The machine is equipped with a high-quality laser source Max Photonics with power of 20 W. The beam width is only 0.02 mm. That is why it allows you to render the finest graphics with all details. The operation economy is ensured by high efficiency and long service life of the laser source. The maximum power consumption of the entire device is less than 500 W! Thanks to its compact dimensions, the machine can be placed virtually anywhere. Moreover, its moving does not pose a problem.

The laser marker is equipped with a digital galvanometer, in which the deflection of laser beam using a pair of mirrors takes place. The variable track length is corrected with a special F-Theta lens, so that the beam is focused in the entire working area optimally. That is why the mechanical components of the device are not subject to wear and tear or the text to be engraved or the graphics are not distorted due to the vibration caused by the movement of the machine head. The fibre laser source, moreover, has an extremely long duration; up to 100,000 working hours.

The device is supplied as a complete unit, including the software. It can be controlled by means of a PC or a laptop through a USB cable. Therefore, it is fully digital. That is why you can change the laser power using the software during marking. This property is a prerequisite for engraving photographs and other non-vector images, whose final execution is thus very precise thanks to the already-mentioned very small spot size. The machine features a maximum resolution of 4000 DPI.

The versions of fibre lasers have all integrated the Red-Dot System. It allows the projection of the outline of the future marking to the object, using a red laser beam (working in the visible light range) before the commencement of the work. The actual start of marking can be performed both using software and using the foot switch.

The fibre lasers are controlled by the well-made software EZ-CAD, which offers a wide range of functions, including automatic numbering, the collection of marking data directly from a serial or TCP/IP ports and the support for barcodes and QR codes. The actual graphics can be imported in any common vector or bitmap formats, in particular BMP, JPG, GIF, TGA, PNG, TIFF, AI, DXF, DST, PLT and others.

Laser marking
Do you need to mark labels, metals, wood, glass, gift items by laser, but purchasing your own marking laser does not pay off? Our offer includes custom laser marking with our machines, from 50 items. For details on laser marking, please feel free to contact us.

  • Machine size3000x8500x1900 mm
  • Standard working area100x100 mm
  • Working temperature5 - 40 °C
  • SoftwareEZCAD
  • Source
  • Accessories
    AD Oracle iQ 1 Catalogue number: BRM-EXT-M
    Machine size: 430x980x430 mm
    Weight: 65 kg
    Airflow: 380 m3/h
    Amount of filter elements: 3
    Power consumption: 1100 kW
    Inlet flange: 75
    Effectiveness of filtration: 99.997
    Description:The ‘Best in Class’ high performance BRM extractor M has now been further enhanced with the introduction of a new iQ Operating System, combining a range of unique features into one compact unit.

    The iQ Operating System performs at two distinct levels. Operators benefit from ease of operation and clarity of real time information, the system also provides a cache of analytical data, enabling users to download performance and operating parameters for evaluation purposes.

    The iQ system takes performance and safety parameters to a new level and ensures that maintenance downtime and ownership costs are kept to a minimum

    • Reverse Flow filter technology
    • Automatic Flow Control
    • Auto sensing voltage (90-257v) - For global use
    • DeepPleat DUO pre filter
    • Advanced Carbon Filter technology
    • HEPA and Gas combined filter
    • High contrast display
    • Real time airflow reading
    • Independent filter condition monitoring
    • Filter status warnings
    • ‘Run safe’ operation
    • Remote diagnostics via USB

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  • Optional accessories
    562H.00.00.200_UL2004-bl-a Catalogue number: UNI-200
    Description:Light blue goggles fitted with glass lenses with a special filter to prevent any damage to eyes from reflected laser beam. A case is included. VLT 70%. Protection level: DIR LB6 @ 1080 nm (+ DI LB4 @ 10600nm). Further protection: 190-260nm: D LB8 IR LB4 815-1400nm: DIR LB3 850-1400nm DIR LB4 890-1400nm: DIR LB5 930-1400nm: D LB6 IR LB7 1400-3000nm: DI LN4

    pedal Catalogue number: ZNL-NP

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