Press brakes

Standard press brake with two pistons and two servo motors

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  • Catalogue numberPSH-SM
  • Working width1500 mm
  • Working pressure1000 kPa
  • Max unload400 mm
  • Max elevation height370 mm

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Machine with a standard opening for inserting the material. The two hydraulic pistons are controlled individually by two servo motors. To align the center of the press, Italian hydraulic system WILA is automatically controlled by CNC control. Dutch CNC control system DELEM is used to control the...

2-piston press brake with two servomotors and standard loading hole size. A machine with a standard hole size for inserting material. Two hydraulic pistons, each controlled by its own servomotor. The Italian mechanical system WILA, controlled automatically by CNC control, is used to align the center of the press. The Dutch CNC control system DELEM is used to control the machine, including the possibility of localization into the Czech language.

According to the model, the maximum width of the bent material is 1500 - 6100 mm, the depth for inserting the material is 300 - 400 mm, the maximum stroke height is 370 - 560 mm and the pressing pressure is 400 - 5000 kN.

The machine is equipped with ball screws, a guide from the HIWIN company, and clamping jaws for shaping tools from the Japanese company KYOKKO. The DELEM CNC control system can be supplied in 3 versions: with numerical display, with 2D or 3D display. To ensure safety, a 3-beam laser protection system from the Australian manufacturer LaserSafe is used. All supplied machines are CE certified. It is also possible to add additional axes to all machines (for example for electric movement of the Z axis to the sides).

The machines can be equipped according to the customer's wishes with automatic hydraulic clamping of upper tools. The delivery includes a set for standard bending up to 90 ° (ie 180-90 °) with a lower tool with two V profiles according to the thickness of the material. If you select a press variant, the first number indicates the nominal pressure and the second the maximum bending width. The machines can be delivered in a version with a laser security system, approved for use in the EU, or in a version without a laser security system. In the case of delivery of the machine without a laser safety system, the supplier of the machine will require an informed signature of the customer when ordering the machine. At the same time, the customer acknowledges that in order to operate this machine in the EU, it is necessary to equip the machine with a safety system. Any custom-made tool can be supplied with the machine according to the customer-supplied documentation.

  • Machine size2230x1670x2320 mm
  • Weight 4100 kg
  • Working width 1500 mm
  • Working pressure 1000 kPa
  • Max unload 400 mm
  • Max elevation height 370 mm
  • Skidding speed 120 mm/sec
  • Working speed 9 mm/sec
  • Return speed 105 mm/sec
  • Working temperature 15 - 40 °C
  • Driver typeDELEM
  • WilaMechanical

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