Laser welding

Robotic arm for fiber laser welding YW600

  • Catalogue numberHS-YW600
  • Recommended power
  • Arm reach0 mm

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This set consists of the following parts: YAG laser generator, cooler, laser welding head, wortable with a...

This set consists of the following parts: YAG laser generator, cooler, laser welding head, wortable with a feed on X and Y axes and a feed on the head for Z axis.

The combination of a flexible 3D workspace and a 6-axes robotic arm allows for application in kitchen , automotive etc.

The welding control ensures optimization of the welding process in real time.

  • Welding with additional materials
  • Galvanometric welding
  • Cover
  • Working temperature15 - 40 °C
  • Accessories
    TIGTOWER-1 Catalogue number: TIGTOWER1200
    Machine size: 1970x3880x1750 mm
    Weight: 1 kg
    Airflow: 11880 m3/h
    Power consumption: 8 kW
    Description:The TIG TOWER 1200 is primarily designed for removing and cleaning welding fumes from the production floor. These fumes contain byproducts from the welding process and can be harmful to human health if inhaled. Companies involved in mechanical engineeing using welding processes have long standing issues with maintaining a clean air environment for operators. Welding fume can be handled in several ways depending on different criteria such as the type of welding technology utilised, the welding method and the type and size of the the welds. Fume extraction can be divided into two groups : 1. Local extraction – utilising extraction hoods at the point of use. 2. Spatial extraction – extracting from the complete production hall using TCL or Push/Pull Systems. In the field of mechanical engineering it is often found that these two types of extraction systems do not meet the customers needs mainly due to the high installation and operating costs. One of the advantages of the TIG TOWER 1200 is that it is portable with no fixed pipe work which makes it ideal for use remotely on site or in rented accomodation where structural changes to the building are not allowed. The TIG TOWER 1200 filters the fume with an efficiency of 99.9% and then returns the cleaned air to the workspace resulting in no heat losses in cold weather. Energy savings and health and welfare were the key priorities when our designers developed the TIG TOWER 1200.
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  • Optional accessories

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