Fiber cutting lasers

Profesional HSG laser cutter for pipes and profiles of diameter up to 254 mm and length up to 6500 mm

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  • Catalogue numberHS-R5
  • Recommended power1000 - 3000 W
  • Cover
  • Working areaPouze rotační mm
  • Rotational axis length6500 mm
  • Max movement speed100 m/min
  • Positional accuracy0.05 mm/m

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Professional HSG fiber laser for cutting metal tubes, pipes and profiles. Allows cutting of profiles up to 254 mm in diameter and 6500 mm in length. Complete production line for metal profile processing. This laser allows only perpendicular cutting of the material. The machine is equipped with...

Laser from HSG Laser enables cutting:

• profiles of circular cross-section with a diameter of 20 - 254 mm

• square profile (steel) 20x20 - 200x200 mm

• rectangular profile with a side length of 20 - 200 mm

• elliptical profile 20 - 200 mm

• hexagon 20x20 - 200x200 mm

Other laser features include:

• Software with NESTING function to optimize the cut and minimize waste. The whole automation process is simple and intuitive.

• Automatic inspection and protection against pipe smoking.

• Thanks to the double rotary axis, it is not necessary to observe the ratio between the length and the diameter of the pipe.

• The chuck is manufactured with high precision and long life in mind.

All parts have a dust-proof finish to reduce damage to the material and reduce the risk of inaccurate clamping. The chassis of the machine is not for sale separately, only with a selected laser source. You can find the cutting speeds of individual laser sources and their suitability for various materials under the download tab.


  • Machine size12300x5300x2500 mm
  • Cover
  • Weight 12000 kg
  • Loader cargo capacity 2000 kg
  • Maximum weight of profile submitted 200 kg
  • Working temperature 15 - 40 °C
  • Working humidity < 70 %
  • Working area Pouze rotační mm
  • Type of frontal fixturePneumatic
  • Type of back fixturePneumatic
  • Type of stackingAutomatic
  • Rotational axis length 6500 mm
  • Min diameter of rotational part 20 mm
  • Max diameter of rotational part 254 mm
  • Max. acceleration 1 G
  • Driving force transferBall screws
  • DriveServo motors
  • SoftwareX8500
  • Max movement speed 100 m/min
  • Positional accuracy 0.05 mm/m
  • Repeated accuracy 0.03 mm
  • Recommended power 1000 - 3000 W
  • Source
    Title:IPG fiber source 1000 W
    Type:Fibre laser
    Optical power:1000 W
    Power consumption:3 kW
    Wavelength:1064 nm
    Weight:150 kg
    Catalogue number:I1000

    Title:Raycus fiber source 1000 W
    Type:Fibre laser
    Optical power:1000 W
    Power consumption:4 kW
    Wavelength:1064 nm
    Weight:100 kg
    Catalogue number:R1000

    Title:IPG fiber source 1500 W
    Type:Fibre laser
    Optical power:1500 W
    Power consumption:4 kW
    Wavelength:1064 nm
    Weight:160 kg
    Catalogue number:I1500

    Title:Raycus fiber source 1500 W
    Type:Fibre laser
    Optical power:1500 W
    Power consumption:6 kW
    Wavelength:1064 nm
    Weight:90 kg
    Catalogue number:R1500

    Title:IPG fiber source 2000 W
    Type:Fibre laser
    Optical power:2000 W
    Power consumption:6 kW
    Wavelength:1064 nm
    Weight:170 kg
    Catalogue number:I2000

    Title:Raycus fiber source 2000 W
    Type:Fibre laser
    Optical power:2000 W
    Power consumption:7 kW
    Wavelength:1064 nm
    Weight:90 kg
    Catalogue number:R2000

    Title:Raycus fiber source 2200 W
    Type:Fibre laser
    Optical power:2200 W
    Power consumption:12 kW
    Wavelength:1064 nm
    Weight:145 kg
    Catalogue number:R2200

    Title:IPG fiber source 3000 W
    Type:Fibre laser
    Optical power:3000 W
    Power consumption:9 kW
    Wavelength:1064 nm
    Weight:200 kg
    Catalogue number:I3000

    Title:Raycus fiber source 3000 W
    Type:Fibre laser
    Optical power:3000 W
    Power consumption:10 kW
    Wavelength:1064 nm
    Weight:110 kg
    Catalogue number:R3000

  • Accessories
    TIG FSD 4250 a 4850 Catalogue number: TIG-FSD-4850
    Machine size: 1350x2505x1815 mm
    Weight: 688 kg
    Airflow: 4840 l/min.
    Amount of filter elements: 8
    Power consumption: 6 kW
    Inlet flange: 315
    Effectiveness of filtration: 99.99

    Tigemma’s filtration equipment could be used in many industry sectors, like civil engineering and basically everywhere where emission reduction and environmental improvement becomes an issue. We recommend these devices to go with the fiber lasers with a worktables over 3000 x 1500 mm.
    The whole machine is made of steel sheets covered with a polyurethane two-component coating for high quality protection of all metal parts. It is constructed as a compact unit with an integrated and very well noise protected fan that provides an air flow of up to 4850 m3 per hour. For lasers with the worktable of 4000 x 2000 mm we recommend an installation of a double filtration. This solution is made possible by the modular design of all Tigemma FSD units.
    This filtration device is equipped with a fully digital control. According to pressure measurements in individual parts of the unit, the control performs regeneration of the individual filtration cartridges by pneumatic tapping. Particles released that way get collected in a tray at the bottom of the machine. Filtration units that are supplied with our lasers come mounted with filtration suitable for the needs of fiber lasers. Though, upon request we are able to design solution for other applications.
    High quality of the used filter materials allows for the cleaned air to be returned back to the room thus reducing heating costs in winter. These units comply with governmental regulations. By the amount of dust particles, this piece of equipment is classified as a small unnamed source of pollution. The user of this machine is then obliged only to notify his/her regional environmental department.

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  • Other
    562H.00.00.200_UL2004-bl-a Catalogue number: UNI-200

    Light blue goggles fitted with glass lenses with a special filter to prevent any damage to eyes from reflected laser beam. A case is included.
    VLT 70%.

    Protection level: DIR LB6 @ 1080 nm (+ DI LB4 @ 10600nm).
    Further protection:
    190-260nm: D LB8 IR LB4
    815-1400nm: DIR LB3
    850-1400nm DIR LB4
    890-1400nm: DIR LB5
    930-1400nm: D LB6 IR LB7
    1400-3000nm: DI LN4


  • TH65-07
  • TH65-.11
  • small_hranoly
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