Laser sources

Raycus fiber source 750 W

raycus RFL-C750
  • TypeFibre laser
  • Catalogue numberR750
  • Optical power750 W
  • Wavelength1065 nm

Fiber source that part of the machine \ equipment where electrical energy is changed to light. It consists of so-called modules and a combiner. The luminous flux from the individual beam-generating modules, most often with a power of 1 kW, is combined into the final power in the combiner, from where it is distributed by optical fiber with armor protection to the active part of the machine (cutting heads, welding ...)

The individual modules contain chips and rubidium-enriched glass fiber, which can arrange the conversion of electrical energy into light energy.

RAYCUS was founded in 2007. And the production of fiber sources is on more than 25,000 pieces (CW - continues wave) sources (cutting and welding) and on more than 45,000 thousand pieces of pulse sources (marking, cleaning). The company has around 2,000 employees and 10% of them are in development.

  • TypeFibre laser
  • Catalogue numberR750
  • Optical power750 W
  • Wavelength1065 nm
  • Power consumption3 kW
  • Weight50 kg
  • Stainless steel4 mm
  • Copper1 mm
  • Brass2 mm
  • Dural1 mm
  • Steel8 mm
  • Aluminum1 mm

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