Marking lasers


Integration of rotational axis  

Integration of rotational table  


Linear table  


List of materials

    • Laser Marking (Engraving)
  • Ferrous metals: steel, stainless steel, solid carbide
    • fiber UV
  • Non-ferrous metals: brass, copper, aluminum and other alloys and non-ferrous metals
    • fiber, UV
  • Rare metals: gold, silver
    • fiber, UV
  • Non-metals suitable for cutting, marking and machining: wood, plywood, plastic, insulation materials, armaflex, acrylic, PMMA, fibreglass, textile, rubber
    • CO2,UV
  • Thin non-metals: foil, leather, imitation leather, paper, cardboard, pasteboard, filter insulations
    • CO2, UV
  • Plate non-ferrous material: glass, stone, artificial stone, ceramics, some food, porcelain
    • CO2, UV


You can also use milling machine for marking

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