Machine installation


Did you buy the machine from Asia and have troubles with its commissioning, ensuring operational safety, operator training or service and supply of spare parts? Then you have come to the right place. We offer commissioning of the imported machine and taking over its service.

FIT Eurazio is a company whose team has more than ten years of experience in the supply and service of various types of machines from China.

In our team you will find experts in Chinese management and control systems as well as various mechanical solutions, as well as employees for whom Chinese is their natvie language, so they can communicate with the manufacturer's technical support about even the most demanding technical problems.

We keep several thousand items of spare parts in stock at all times, and thanks to our branch in China, we can flexibly secure even those that we do not currently have in stock.

In the case of commonly used control systems, we will train your staff and in some cases we can even supply a localized version. You will not lose the manufacturer's warranty and you will always have the choice of how to solve the problem.

Are you interested in our offer? Do not hesitate to contact us without obligation at or at: 724 833 773. We will agree on the next step.



For more information, a non-binding consultation or a tour of the machine, contact our specialist.

Samir Poul