Hot CNC news for 2019

Strihani pasky

At the end of November 2018 at the HSG headquarters in Foshan, China, was held a meeting of world brand distributors.
We could not miss this event, and we have to admit that we took a lot of important information from it.
The busy program of the entire visit, besides the business report, was mainly devoted to the news that awaits us next year. And that there will be really a lot!
The head of development department Mr. Li told in his lecture about details of the new control system HSG-X, which was developed by HSG team of programmers directly to the needs of the European and American market.
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Very interesting are also the capabilities of the new Klinge laser head from HSG.
In addition, next year we can look forward to machines that, thanks to a unique design, will be able to accelerate up to 5G or lasers to process miniature profiles (already 10 x 10 mm) without damaging the counterpart of the cut.
A novelty that can not be ignored is a fully digital tube clamp with feedback. This allows without any need to change the profile setting and the pipe with a wall thickness of 0.5 - 10 mm without damaging the clamping jaw.
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