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Service types

When something goes wrong

In spite of our best efforts to continuously provide the best possible quality control of our machines, something can always go wrong when it comes to technology. We realize that one of the most important factors, while choosing a supplier, is the service provided both in the warranty period and after the warranty expiration. This is the reason why we provide 3 levels of service jobs.

Standard service

Standard service which includes moving the machine to our shop is usually done only in cases of small machines. When the customer reports a malfunction, they hand the machine over to be repaired at our service site and when the repairs are done, the machine will be picked out there by the customer. While the machine is being repaired, we offer lending a machine (provided we currently have similar model available) at the cost of standard lease for one week, regardless of the length of the repair jobs.

On-site service

This is the most commonly used type of service, done at the place where the machine is installed. After reporting the malfunction, the customer is connected with a technician, who will evaluate, whether it’s possible to repair the machine on-site or whether it’s necessary to move the machine to service center. If the situation requires moving of the machine, a spare machine may be lended - the same conditions apply as in standard service case,

NBD service - service contract

In critical cases when the malfunction can cause the company significant loss, we offer NBD on-site serice (next business day). This variant requires signing of a service contract that lasts 24 months. The core of the service is ensuring that customer’s machine will run again the next working day after reporting of the malfunction. If it’s unclear, whether the technician will be able to repair the machine within one working day, the technician will automatically bring a spare machine, which is lended to the customer without any fee for the duration of the repair jobs. The price of this service contract is set on individual basis.