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It does not start with a sale...

We stand with you, from the start to the finish

In this hectic age, sadly many suppliers care about the customer only up until the moment when invoice is sent, or payment is received.

Our company's approach has always been customer-oriented - our customer's happiness is the most rewarding part of the whole process. Do you hear the same statement from every supplier? The answer is most probably yes. Therefore, let's take a look at the sales process in our company, from ordering, to machine delivery and its installation. If you notice any discrepancy when your machine is being delivered, do not hesitate to contact our chief executive. We will strive to fix any issues promptly and with great care.

Picking the right machine

From the very first contact with the customer, we care about every detail. The first step is discussing client's needs and expectations. Picking the right machine includes taking various factors into consideration. Which materials will be processed by the machine? What size are those materials? Will it be possible to provide sufficient enrgy input, won't the machine disturb its surrounding area by excessive noice? Those are some of the numerous questions that are discussed during the first meeting with a customer. After that, we usually perform test cutting and/or engraving on materials brought by the customer, selecting the most suitable machine for the processed material.


Purchasing a machine can be an expensive endeavor, requiring considerable financial investment. We are able to help customers acquire leasing or loan for purchase of the machine. Through our partners, we can do this quickly and with favorable interest rate. Our partner is ČSOB Leasing, a stable company with solid services.