Service of lasers and cnc machines



We provide warranty and post-warranty repairs, comprehensive inspections, maintenance or adjustment of fiber lasers, CO2 lasers, milling machines and other CNC machines from many manufacturers. If you have any questions or order a service, please contact us at or call 774 833 248 (no worries about language you speak).


Price list of CO2 lasers, marking lasers and table milling machines:

Approximate times for individual tasks:

- Working technique 790 CZK / hour

- Shipping 8.26 CZK / km

- Trip technology 490 CZK / hour travel
- Tube replacement for CO2 laser 1 hour

- Adjusting the optical path 1 - 2 hours

- Machine cleaning, lubrication 30 minutes

The price and repair time of the fiber laser must be determined individually.


Types of service interventions

Express service

- Arrival of the technician no later than the next working day after the defect is reported.
Urgent service

- Arrival of the technician within four working days from reporting the defect.
Standard service:

- Arrival of the technician within 30 working days from reporting the defect.

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